Welcome to the new WaltJung.org web site! This site provides access to original
WaltJung.org blog pages, plus various archived papers. Linked sites are noted below:

WJArchives.WaltJung.org provides access to archival material.

Send an email to wjarchives at ownmail.net to request password access. Please tell me why you wish to access this material, for starters. Do you own any of my books? Have you read any of my articles over the years? Did you attend an ADI seminar? Are you a designer? Are you DIY audio type? Do you build your own circuits? Would you be interested in supporting the operation of this site? Thanks for the interest!

Ebooks.WaltJung.org provides access to out-of-print Walt Jung books.

Send an email to Ebooks@waltjung.org for further info. Download a PDF preview of the first few Ebook pages.
CFAs.WaltJung.org provides access to selected info on CFAs, as originally posted on Waltsblog.